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A Creative Director’s Dreamy Modern Farmhouse

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Photographed by Ruth Maria Murphy for Lonny.
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Her eye is drawn to rustic, modern pieces that are both clean and full of character. While she's well-studied in the decor arena, interior design is something that also comes quite naturally to this creative director.  

Emma Lynch is the co-founder of Ireland-based Lamb, an interiors company that appreciates craftsmanship and heirloom quality goods by designers such as Takeshi Sawada and Diamantini & Domeniconi. We visited Emma's home to learn more about her personal design taste, and how she finds her favorite works. Each room is a fresh take on Nordic design, offering simple yet artful touches. Read ahead to learn how this expert defines her style and where she enjoys hunting for the most special home pieces. 

Photographed by Ruth Maria Murphy for Lonny; Style by Ciara O’Halloran.