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A Sleek Dining Room Transformation — With SO Much Storage

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I've always lusted after open-space dining rooms that also perform serious double duty. The ones that gently display cookbooks, objects, and ceramics yet manage to work hard to hide crap in an elegant and organized way.

So, when it was time to rethink our home's dining room with California Closets, it was game on. The previous dining room did have a storage element (which you can see here), but basically didn't have any shelving or systemic storage behind the doors, leading to heaps of junk building up behind the closed doors.

So, understandably, the idea of not just having a place to hide all my stuff, but to have it stored in an efficient (and beautiful) way was incredibly intriguing — especially as the influx of stuff our family collects with a three-year-old (crafts, photos, books) continues to grow.

The only problem? It wasn't going to be as easy as we thought. The space before definitely had some spacial and structural issues (hello pipes!) we had to work around. 

Luckily, with the guidance of California Closets designer Nick Graham we were able to finesse (and demo the former space) and create the prettiest shelving system we could have dreamed of. Check out how we approached the project together and created a dining room that has brought so much organization and beauty —and honors the history of our family home.

West Elm Totem Vases; Vintage Michael Thonet And Eames Chairs; Mitzi Chandelier; The Citizenry Mirror.