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An Ex-Banker Founded New York City's Latest Co-Working Space

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Courtesy of Luminary.
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We have always been huge champions of female empowerment. As far as we’re concerned, it’s wonderful to see women collaborate and accomplish big things together. And doing so in an aesthetically pleasing space? Even better.

Over the past few years, all-female co-working spaces have been sprouting up faster than you can say “girl power.” You’ve probably heard of The Wing, The Assembly, and The Allbright, but another one you need to know about is Luminary, which just opened its first location in New York City. 

Luminary is not just another co-working space; it’s an environment for women to make a positive change in both their personal and professional lives. For founder Cate Luzio, the opening of Luminary serves as a new chapter in her own professional playbook.

With nearly 20 years in financial services under her belt — she was most recently the EVP and global head of multinational corporate banking for HSBC — Luzio was climbing up the corporate ladder but noticed very few women were at the leadership table with her. After speaking to a mentor about her passion for female empowerment, Luzio left her big corporate job to create a space that put the ladies first. 

“Women needed a collaboration hub to invest in themselves and their professional development, to inspire and feel inspired,” she says. “Luminary is reimagining a space for women with an emphasis on building relationships, diversity, investing in self-development, wellness, and flexibility.”

With over 15,000 square feet of space spanning across two floors (and a private rooftop that will open next year!), Luminary is poised to become the ultimate playground for ambitious women. It's where you can work, work out (really!), and network over a glass of wine. 

Click through to learn more about Luminary and tour the space.