#DIY Striped Flower and Plant Pots

#Striped Flower and Plant Pots | Lonny.com(Photos © Steph Hung)
Stripes may never go out of style, but sometimes they seem to undergo a resurgence of sorts. Like now. Inspired by the incredible Steven Alan collaboration with West Elm, crafter—and D.I.Y. extraordinaire—Steph Hung created a collection of colorful banded vessels for her indoor plants with just a few supplies from around the house. Now, she has a bevy of striped pots to brighten up her windowsill without breaking the bank.

-- terra cotta pots
-- painter's tape
-- rubber bands
-- acrylic paint/patio paint
-- paint brush
-- water seal spray (optional)

#Striped Flower and Plant Pots | Lonny.com
1. Mark off stripes with painters' tape and rubber bands. I find that rubber bands are easier to use on sloped lines (like the sides of pots) and painter's tape is better for straight lines (like the rim of the pot).

#Striped Flower and Plant Pots | Lonny.com
2. Paint stripes. Allow to dry completely before removing tape and rubber bands. Add more stripes as desired.

3. Since I am using my pots to hold dry naturals and pre-potted succulents, I don't need to seal them. However, if you plan to place soil and live plants directly in your pots, coat the insides with water sealant to prevent the paint from peeling or bubbling in the future.

#Striped Flower and Plant Pots | Lonny.com
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