How to Remove Any Holiday Stain

Mud, wine, and makeup prove no match for the professionals at The Laundress.

The Laundress's new flagship store in New York City, located at 199 Prince Street in SoHo. 
The Laundress's new flagship store in New York City, located at 199 Prince Street in SoHo. 
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There's nothing like a red-wine ring to send a host and her party-fouling guest in a panic. With the help of the garment gurus behind The Laundress, a company that's modernizing the way we approach caring for our clothes and fabrics, we're spilling (pun-intended) the tips and tricks every party planner needs for removing even the most intimidating of holiday stains—no trip to the dry cleaners is required. 

Mud on Your Heels

Dashing from store to store in hopes of dwindling down your gifting list? Remove muddy messes from patent leather pumps with The Laundress Glass & Mirror Cleaner, or an ammonia-free window cleaner. Simply spray and wipe with a cloth for spotless results.

Dressing Splatters from a Holiday Feast

If your shirt has been anointed with a splatter of dressing during dinner, ask your host(ess) for table salt, cornstarch, or baby powder to lift the stain. After the dinner party, pretreat with an enzyme-based stain remover and launder as usual.

The Laundress founders Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd. 
The Laundress founders Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd. 

Lipstick on Your Collar

Remove all traces with The Laundress Stain Solution. Apply it directly to the affected area and work it into the fabric using your finger or a toothbrush. For added cleaning power, put the affected area under a faucet and let the water pressure work the stain. Depending on the ingredients or richness in color of the lipstick, you may need to presoak the garment in a bath of water for up to 30 minutes. Finish with a normal wash.

Tree-Trimming Gone Wrong

Tree trimming never fails to gift us an oh-so stubborn stain. Rub the sap on your sweater with an ice cube and gently scrape it off. Follow by working The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar lathered in tepid water directly onto the stain. It’s a vegetable soap with a bit of borax, so it’s ideal for removing soils, oils, lotions and grease-based stains. And it's safe for all fabrics! Finish by laundering as normal.

Candle-Wax Catastrophe 

Hot, liquid candle wax that dripped onto your dress can be cleaned off quickly with a blow dryer. Hardened, solid wax should be ironed off with a cloth between the fabric and the iron and pretreated with a stain remover.

Holiday Stains and How To Fix Them

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