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Inside A Bay Area Home Designed For Beauty AND Functionality

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Design conundrums — obstacles that challenge the equilibrium of a space — are often overlooked once a home is complete. How to build a well-curated space that also feels lived in is every designer's dispute. When accomplished well, the home seems so effortless, that one assumes the design process was seamless, too.

Bringing together beautiful, worldly items, while also maintaining a space that feels more like a home than a stuffy museum, happens to be what interior designer Marea Clark does best. Recently, Clark took on a Bay Area home to exhibit what design balance looks like — a meticulous mix of light and dark, as well as minimalism and pattern.

"We took on this project about three years ago," Clark explains. "Most of it was pretty quiet and neutral, and my goal to bring in a little color and spice it up." The finished space is a melting pot of beauty — both functional and coherent. Read ahead to peek at the designer's solutions and final creation.