Got Bad Vibes? Here’s How To Cleanse Your Pad

Burn baby, burn.

Got Bad Vibes? Here’s How To Cleanse Your Pad
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

Los Angeles-based natural aromatics company, Sandoval, is making Halloween just a little less spooky this year. Experts in nurturing spirit and home, this company uses essential oils and plant-powered ingredients to clear the energy in your living space. So naturally, we had to learn all of the brand's best tips. 

According to Michael Carbaugh, creative director at Sandoval, there's actually a lot you can do to make your home feel far more peaceful. "I think about harnessing the energy, kinetic and vibrational of the moon," Carbaugh says in a statement. "I realize that I’m mostly water, and that the moon affects the waves, currents, winds, and that I am made of these elements, and that I can harness these energies, and that I can refine and harness the moon’s energy to make my vibes more accurate, and make the vibes of the crystals I’m working with more precise and accurate, too." 

The process of energy clearing may feel overwhelming, so we've outlined five tips for how to effectively make it happen. Outlined by Carbaugh himself, here are the steps to making the home feel fresh as new. 

1. Set your intention. 

"Ask yourself: Am I clearing out a specific energy? Am I welcoming in a new energy? Am I making a general cleanse of the space? This is a great way to grasp a better understanding of our overall intentions."

2. Acknowledge all directions. 

"Face in the four cardinal directions — North, South, East, and West — sending love, and wafting your burning element in the directions of the 4 cardinals- I actually say: 'To the North, to the East, to the South and to the West, I send good vibes and positive intentions, my current intentions.’"

3. Express Gratitude. 

"Thank the universe for all its blessings and welcome in new energy."

Got Bad Vibes? Here’s How To Cleanse Your Pad
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

4. Light the Incense. 

"Light your incense and make circular motions around the front door inside and out, while always thinking about your intention. Think: I am here, I am welcoming in new energy and clearing out stagnant energy. You can even develop your own mantra here, this is not finite or required. This is your practice!" 

5. Walk it Out. 

"Walk around the parameter of your house while burning into the corners, around the exterior boundary of your space, and into all rooms. Burn around specific furniture if you feel like there is someone else’s energy on it, especially a bed, if you are clearing out an old boyfriend or girlfriend. Think about what energy you are clearing while you are doing it. Think about what you are welcoming in, stay in the positive and proactive. I always find it helpful to realize what I am grateful for in the space, honoring what it has provided, and manifesting what it can provide." 

To fully conquer this task, check out all that Sandoval has to offer — from incense to candles — here

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