Push Notifications Information

Learn more about Lonny's push notifications.

Push Notifications Information
Photographed by Suzanna Scott.

Every day, Lonny shares its latest home decor ideas, news, and tips through web notifications.

You have agreed to receive Lonny push notifications via our registration pop-up. 

You will not receive these notifications unless you have already authorized them via our registration pop-up.

Personal data:

Lonny processes the data necessary to send notifications of articles.

You can unsubscribe at any time from our notifications.

To learn more about how your data protection works, click here.


If you have enabled web notifications but do not want to receive them anymore, please follow these steps to stop receiving them. Please note, you must unsubscribe on the same browser you originally subscribed on:

When you clear your browsing history, the push permission will automatically unregister. You will no longer receive web notifications.

You can also unsubscribe in the address bar of the site by clicking on the small "" then Notifications: "block."

You can also unsubscribe web notifications via your browser settings:

Google Chrome on your computer:

- Open your Chrome browser

- Paste this address into your search bar: chrome://settings/content/notifications

- Locate the Lonny site, click on the three small vertical dots and select Block or Allow.

On Android:

- On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app

- Go to the website you do not want to receive notifications from

- To the right of the address bar, tap “More” (the 3 points)

- Tap Settings> Site settings> Notifications

- Select Allow or Block.


- Open your Safari browser

- Click on Safari (top left)

- Click on preference and click on website then on notification

- Search for Lonny in the list and select reject or accept.

On Mozilla firefox:

- Open Mozilla

- Click on the "Open menu" tab represented by three horizontal bars then click on "Options"

- Then click on the subsection "Privacy and security"

- Go down to "Permissions" and click on the "Settings" tab in front of the Notifications icon

- You will be able to allow or block notifications. 

Mozilla Smartphone:

- Open your Mozilla browser and go to Lonny page

- Click on the control center (via the green padlock button to the left of the URL).

- Then select "Edit Site Settings". Click on the white square to mark it, then click on "Initialize".

Upon blocking, you will no longer receive web notifications. You will need to revisit your WEB browser settings to allow them again. 

Our full Terms of Service can be located here.

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