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See Keltie Knight's Warm Mimimalist Bedroom Makeover

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Photographed by Claire Leahy for Havenly.
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Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is definitely the most personal. It's a private intimate retreat away from the world where you can put your guard down, rest, and recharge. So obviously when it comes to decor, you want to curate a space that makes you happy. And that's just what E! star Keltie Knight did.

The LadyGang host paired up with Havenly designer Kylee Trunck to decorate her bedroom. “I wanted to create a super comfy and peaceful place I could relax and read,” she shares. With the addition of a stunning black accent wall, a cozy seating area, and even a fireplace, Knight was able to get her dream retreat.

Want to take a tour of the space and get the inside scoop behind the design? Read ahead to see the stunning space.