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This California Home Shows Us How Neutrals Can Be Bold

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Photographed by Luis Peña.
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There's something about neutral woven textiles and a modern approach to design that feels so quintessentially Californian. So when a young family of four decided to furnish and partially renovate their Bay Area home, they knew they needed their space to reflect that classic vibe. So they called on Kristen Peña of K Interiors to give their pad a warm update.

"The home sits atop a hill in Marin County and has a picture perfect view of Mount Tam from the rear of the home," shares Kristen Peña. "The view screams California. We wanted to bring that California dreaming feeling inside the house to match the outside."

It's safe to say that Peña achieved her goal. The home is a total treat, with a mix of statement pieces and cozy areas for the family to gather. Want to take a full tour of this amazing space? Read ahead to get an inside look into the design.