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This Dreamy, Austin Home Will Transport You To Morocco

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Photographed by Andrea Calo.
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Moroccan details and Mexican design converge at Casa Marrakech, a Texas home dreamt up by Austin-based realtor and designer, Creede Fitch. The oasis is an aesthetic melting pot of clean lines, culture, and color, which tells a true story of travel and romance. 

Fitch and his wife joined forces (and tastes) to create a space that reflects everything they admire, from local artists to Moroccan textures to Mexican landmarks. Architect Bercy Chen executed the project, while design firm McCray And Co. mastered the interiors, all while executing Creede’s preliminary vision. The final product is a stunning minimalist canvas, brought to life by their own carefully collected pieces. 

Read ahead to find out the design team's technique behind creating the perfect Moroccan blue, collecting unique works of art, and blending together diverse design preferences to create an authentic and beautiful space.